What to Look for in a UK Fulfillment Service

June 10, 2021

What to Look for in a UK Fulfillment Service

Outsourcing logistics and warehousing to a third-party logistics provider (3PL) has numerous advantages for a growing company.

Third-party logistics providers (3PLs) have the expertise to handle all operational activities, such as recruiting warehouse personnel and keeping track of orders. Fulfillment companies in the UK can accomplish those operations faster and more accurately than you would be able to do yourself.

It is estimated that hiring a third-party logistics (3PL) can save a UK company an average of 15% on logistics and inventory expenditures.

Finding a Reliable 3PL Provider

Before looking for 3PL services, put together a team of people from several aspects of your organization, including IT, sales and marketing, buying, finance, logistics operations, and supply chain management. Determine your business requirements, such as managing perishable items or cold chain storage space, quality screening, transshipment, or packaging before deciding on a 3PL provider. Determine where your clients are located and delivery time by analysing your previous shipping data.

 Here are 7 factors that you need to consider when selecting a 3PL for your business.

1.     Flexibility and Scalability

Choosing a 3PL that can accommodate your anticipated expansion is essential. The right 3PL provider can accommodate the increasing volume of goods, maintain ongoing operations, reducing storage and delivery costs.

The capacity to adapt and grow is essential. Ideally, you should have a third-party logistics provider (or 3PL) that can take on the additional inventory quickly.

The 3PL you choose should be able to move your organization ahead and keep up with continual expansion, rather than struggling to do so.

2.     Modern Technology

Having access to the most advanced technology and knowing how to leverage it in business operations is essential for a professional third-party logistics provider.  Your third-party logistics provider should be equipped with the latest technological solutions to help you plan and predict business outcomes, as well as optimise, and streamline the shipping process. When choosing the 3PL make sure it integrates seamlessly with your existing operations

3.     Warehouse Location

Assessing 3PL's warehouse location and distribution facilities is crucial when choosing the right 3PL company for handling your business operations. Request information about the company's warehouse sites to determine whether they meet your requirements. It is important to keep in mind that as your business expands, you will need a wider warehouse network. Using a distributed 3PL warehouse system will allow you to significantly reduce shipment costs.

4.     Excellent Customer Service  

Professionalism and excellent customer service are essential components of a thriving business partnership. 3PLs that are willing to assist and innovative problem solvers may save you money and have a pleasant working relationship.

5.     Data Protection

In light of recent data breaches, the protection of your company's data should be a key consideration when looking for a 3PL partner. The right third-party logistics provider (3PL) must keep up to date with the latest data protection regulations to ensure compliance. 

6.     Accuracy and Precision

Inventory, shipping, and order accuracy are crucial for your company's efficiency and customer satisfaction. Customers will be dissatisfied and you'll lose money on returns if your 3PL isn't. Inquire about a 3PL provider's warehouse system and accuracy rates before deciding on cooperation. If a 3PL provider is not employing the most up-to-date technology, or if their accuracy rates fall below 99%, you may want to consider alternative solutions.

7.     Good Reputation

A 3PL partner with an excellent track record can successfully meet all of your present and future company demands. Third-party logistics providers (or 3PLs) can connect you with a wider range of service providers, including marketing agencies, packaging companies, and more.

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